Sex? After having a baby,… Are you kidding me?!!

Sex is the last thing on your mind.  And yet, your lover’s been driving you crazy wanting that special alone time, right?

Has he been acting all needy and you’re just not feelin’ it?
You’ve been cleared for sex again, but you’re feeling frumpy, dumpy and far from sexy?
Girl, you are not alone! You wouldn’t believe how often this topic comes up.

I totally get it.

After having a baby you’re tired. You don’t sleep.  Ever!  On the one hand, you want to sleep when the baby does, but on the other,  you can’t stop looking at that beautiful little face you waited so long to meet. So as a result you’re always tired and it’s hard to feel sexy when you’re so tired.

The whole sex after baby thing is hard. That first time is scary and it could be a little painful. (There’s another use for coconut oil right there!)

But, girl,  listen to me: I’ve got a little secret to share with you.

Just because you’re not feeling sexy, doesn’t mean your partner agrees with you.

No ma’am. You see, your partner sees you in a whole different way than you see yourself. He see this beautiful, incredibly strong warrior woman who just demolished an army on the battelfield and took no prisoners ( a.k.a. gave birth to his child).  He sees luscious curves and gorgeous boobs and thinks “hot damn” as he tries to hold back!  He sees that beautiful baby weight around your middle, your hips and thighs, and those well earned stretch marks and he thinks “mmmmm mama”!
Don’t believe me?  Ask him!

But truth be told, all new mamas have been there, so we get it.  If you’re just not ready to go for a roll in the sheets with your lover, then I have a little trick for you.

The trick is… take pictures of yourself for your partner. Get a shot of “the ladies” all engorged.
Take a picture of your booty with your new love handles.

Taking pictures shows your partner that you appreciate his attraction to you.

You may not be ready for any physical activity, but some quick pics aren’t hard to take. Then share them with him with the promise that the good times are right around the corner, wink wink.

Then, cheer up buttercup.  It does get easier. You’ll lose the weight. You’ll get on a good sleep schedule.  Life will mellow out again.  Meanwhile, you gotta remember to keep your relationship alive even with a new baby.  Don’t let that sexy fire dwindle.

After all, it’s why you have this new beautiful baby.

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Cheers, Kye

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