The Team

Meet the Materpillars team: Lisa, Kassie & Ky.  We will be pulling together all kinds of information about pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum care for the blog. We hope to bring you great articles, super deals on products you’ll love and hopefully, a tribe to call your own. While we may not write it all by ourselves, we’ll be the ones to curate the articles and information to share here – and we are very picky!


a tribe of women who stubbornly refuse to let women flounder on their maternal path


women expand their power and become confident, fierce, badass mamas!


information and resources to support you on your maternal journey.


new ideas & old fashioned advice, but best of all, you'll get help and support.


for candid conversations and in-depth discussions where we help each other tame the fear and feel more confident.


Follow along and Share. Become part of the tribe and support other mamas along their maternity path.

Our Passions

Ky is a young mother of two, a five year old and a brand new baby.  She had an epidural with one birth and birthed her second au natural.  She is a lactation specialist and will be writing all about nursing and breastfeeding.

Kassie is a medical professional by trade and an artist by passion.  Kassie is also a researcher by nature. Give her any medical anomally and she’ll do a deep dive into the origins, cures or remedies of the ailment, digest that information, then come back with something useable to us in plain English.  Kassie is newly engaged.  She and her fiancé are hoping to get pregnant soon, so we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed and prayers in our hearts for her.

Lisa is the mother of these two lovely ladies.  With over 25 years experience as a Doula and Childbirth Educator, Lisa has helped hundreds of mamas though their pregnancy, labor and birth. She recently added Midwifery education to her repetoire, but has chosen not to follow a certification path.  This allows her to freelance as a Midwife’s assistant but also let’s her bring more experience to her Doula work.

Our Team

Kassie Ketring
Blogger & Artist
Kassie is the Pinterest Queen!  She is extremely creative and we are so happy to have her whimsical designs to enhance our work.
Lisa Ketring
Lisa is the glue that holds our team together. She is a leader and the voice we want to hear when it comes to labor and birth.
Ky Ketring
Ky loves to help new mamas breastfeed successfully.  She’s fierce when it comes to doing what’s right for her babies.